Skin Tightening Procedures
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Skin Tightening Procedures

The course of nature dictates that you lose the firmness of your skin with age. This happens due to loss of skin elasticity, resulting from sun exposure, free radicals damage, poor diet, and other lifestyle choices. It starts with fine lines that deepen into wrinkles and then eventually make your skin saggy. Dealing with these changes has always been challenging, especially for women. So, beauty experts have come up with several remedies to delay the process. If you ever get on the internet, you will see skincare routines as elaborate as 20 steps! In the meanwhile, medical science has also caught up and we have several safe and effective skin tightening procedures that you can get done at your dermatologist’s office. 

In this article, let’s take a look at the best skin tightening treatments for the face and understand how ultherapy and skin tightening surgery work. Keep scrolling!

Skin Tightening Treatments: Permanent Cosmetological Solutions

The best skin tightening treatments for the face revive the youthful appearance of the skin by smoothening out wrinkles and filling up sagging skin. They are usually more invasive than makeup and need to be performed by trained medical professionals. The effects of these treatments can last anywhere between 3 months to a year. 


Ultherapy boosts the natural skin elasticity of the body that enhances skin firmness and makes your skin look tight and youthful. It is a quite recent development in cosmetic science, only cleared by U.S. FDA in 2009. 

The treatment focuses ultrasound energy deep within the skin to stimulate collagen production. (Collagen is a protein produced naturally by the body that is responsible for the youthful look of your skin.) So, even after the procedure, your face will look the same on the surface level. You will be able to see gradual changes over time. It is a non-invasive procedure that’s relatively painless with minimal downtime. The results of a single session can last over a year! It can lift and tighten the skin on the face, neck, and chest. However, the results of this treatment may not be as dramatic as that of a skin tightening surgery.

Skin Tightening Surgery

This type of treatment is a surgical, more permanent solution to loose skin. It can be done on the face, called the facelift, or the neck, called a neck lift. Some evidence of facelift-like surgeries can be found as early as the beginning of the 20th century. However, the minimally invasive techniques only emerged in the 1990s.

In the procedure, the doctor will make a few incisions along the hairline so that the scar line is easily concealed. He will then readjust the underlying tissue and remove the excess skin to give your face a tight, youthful contour. Similarly, for neck lifts, incisions are made behind the ear and the same procedure follows. 

This kind of treatment requires more time to heal and a thorough aftercare routine to ensure the best results. The pain and downtime are also more but can be safely managed with medication. The results are longer lasting, although not truly permanent. You may need a revision after 3 years.

Make sure you discuss your requirements and any pre-existing health conditions in detail with your dermasurgeon to devise the right treatment plan. If your skin has some potential laxity and you want a less invasive approach but do not mind going for an annual session, ultherapy might be the right one for you. But if your skin is not responding to collagen stimulation, you can go for the more aggressive skin tightening surgery, which, although complicated in the beginning, delivers longer-lasting results. 

Whichever option you choose, make sure you follow through with your dermatologist, practice the aftercare diligently, and smoothen your way towards firmer, more youthful-looking skin!

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